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The Loving Luggage Project was created for foster youth to help ease the stress of their transitions in foster care. With your help, The Loving Luggage Project provides foster youth ages 3-18 with new carry-on luggage filled with items that are useful and that they will enjoy.

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why the loving luggage project?

Our Why

As we were planning our wedding, we couldn't think of anything we needed. So, instead of creating a gift registry, we decided to find a way to serve people. Because Julia grew up in foster care, it only made sense to give to foster youth. 

Julia's First Night in Foster Care

Like most foster kids, Julia has vivid memories of shoving her belongings into trash bags on her first night in foster care. Through 16 transitions over 10 years in foster care, she only ever had trash bags for her clothes, and we never want any foster kid to have that experience.

Trashing Trash Bags

Most kids in foster care transition between placements by putting their things in trash bags. Because most transitions are abrupt, trash bags are usually readily available. But, no one wants to put their belongings in trash bags -- trash bags are for trash.

Why Luggage?

We decided on luggage on purpose. We want to give foster kids something (other than a bag) that is new, durable, and belongs to them. Luggage with wheels makes moving easier for everyone, especially smaller kids and/or kids with physical disabilities.

What's in the luggage?

We're filling the suitcases with things that will hopefully make foster youth more comfortable even if their environment changes. Books, blankets, and toothbrushes can go a long way in easing their transition.

How to Help.

There are multiple ways to be a part of this project: donate new luggage, things that the kids will need, or funds to support the project. Click the link below for details on how you can partner with The Loving Luggage Project.



Hi folks! I'm Nicole (the cute one in the white). I'm a licensed psychologist by day, so I'm Dr. Nicole to some, and I'm a carb connoisseur by night.

Fun facts:

Member of

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated


Artist (painting, graphic design, Cheerio necklaces, etc.).

Former college basketball player

In love with a former foster kid.

Hello, Humans! It's me, Julia (the cuter one in the blue). I'm an English professor by day (so I'm Dr. Charles to some) and an aspiring chef by early evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. 

Fun facts:

1913 - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated

Dope nerd

Die-hard Carolina fan (Go Heels!)


And a former foster kid.

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